Research Proposal and Thesis Writing Workshops

Our Proposal and/or Thesis Writing Workshop may help you write your research proposal or write your thesis.

This is a Workshop; Why do they say it Workshop?

Our workshop type training programs include both coaching and training. It will create your ability to complete your thesis proposal or thesis write-up on time. 

There is not always obvious right or wrong choice. However, the right choice is always right.


Research Thesis Proposal Writing

Whether you are writing your proposal for Research Masters, DBA or PhD Admission or you are writing your proposal as part of your confirmation of candidature, our training workshops will give you a rich body of knowledge and enable you to complete your proposal on time.

Research Thesis Writing

Whether you are doing a Research Masters, DBA or PhD, by giving you a rich body of knowledge, our thesis writing workshop will enable you to understand, structure and write your thesis on time.