OUR Research Training Programs

Our research training programs aim to convert the young researchers’ ambition into reality by unlocking their scholastic aptitude in research.

Explore our Research Training Catagories

Aptitude Building in Research

Open for Admission in Every Month

Proposal/ Thesis Writing

Starts in January and July each year (Spaces Limited)

Statistical (Software) Training

Open for the year round

Why Do Research Training with Us?

Work with Established Researchers

You will be able to collaborate and work closely with other experienced/established researchers.

Innovative online learning environment

Dedicated website for online learning.

Expert Instructors

Our instructors are experts in their respective fields.

Effective Communications

Learn to effectively communicate your ideas and how to analyse and critique the work of others.​

Building Relationship

You will build a strong working relationship with a faculty mentor and be able to ask for a letter of recommendation.

Support to the Lifelong Journey

You will be an established researcher towards the lifelong journey as a researcher.

Learn How to Publish

You will be able to publish your research work by collaborating with a research team.

Learn Ethos

You will learn valuable skills for life such as professionalism, time management, and workplace etiquette.