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  4. We do not provide any software support for example Office 365. We also do not provide any specialised software, for example SPSS, Stata etc.
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  6. By taking our service, you agree with our other policies, such as Course Offering PolicyPrivacy Policy’ and ‘Refund and Return Policy’.
  7. We do not warrant that, by taking our courses, an individual will surely succeed. Student’s success in a course depends on a student’s level of prior knowledge and commitment to a course along with several hours of self-study.
  8. We reserve the right to change our ‘terms and conditions’, and other policies without any notice should the need arise. A new version of the ‘terms and conditions’ will be updated accordingly on our website.
  9. AABR reserves the right to (a) cancel a support program where circumstances beyond its control prohibit the activity being held. Where applicable, we will issue a refund of the fee for the program that we cannot offer.
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