General Terms and Conditions

  1. By making this payment, you agree with the ‘Course Offering Policy’, ‘General Terms and Conditions‘ and ‘Refund and Return Policy’.


  1. For all self-paced learning materials, neither we offer any refund of fees (either in full or in part), nor we offer any exchange of course materials after these are accessed by a student.
  2. For a virtual and/or a face-to-face learning course, a student may be allowed to defer a course in a subsequent offering. We will approve this based on the merit of individual cases. However, such a request must be made before the start of a course. Only one defer request will be accepted. We also do not provide any return return of fees (either in full or in part) for any virtual or face-to-face course,
  3. Once a course has started and passed the first week, no deferment of such course will be available unless there is an extenuating circumstance.


  1. We don’t offer virtual learning resources in downloadable format. The resource(s) will be sent by email to the nominated email address that will be provided during the payment stage.
  2. In accordance with our ‘Course Offering Policy’, we may not provide a resource to an individual if we believe that there will be a genuine compromise of our intellectual property. In such cases, where we will not provide the resources, we will provide the full refund for the related payment.

Need Help?

  1. If you need help, please contact us by filing we form through the ‘Contact Us’ tab. To avoid spam, we do not publicly disclose our email address.