Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Answer: YES. Our training programs are open to the students from all around the world. Our research training programs are flexible and as such we accommodate all students’ needs beyond the geographical boundaries.

Answer:  Unfortunately, there is no provision for a trial class in any of the courses and/or programs. You must register and enrol in a course to be able to join a class in our courses and/or programs.

Answer: AABR does NOT give registration fees refund either in full or in part. Please decide carefully before making your registration. You can’t also withdraw from a course after confirming your enrolment. However, you can defer your course in some extenuating circumstances or before the start of a course, you may be able to transfer your registration to another course.

Answer: No. Although AABR believes in rights of education to all, however, referring to our ‘Course Offering Policy’, not everyone will be allowed to enrol in a course unless a student meets the certain requirements. For example, enrolment to the Thesis Writing Workshop will require a student’s enrolment to a Research Master’s, DBA or a PhD Program. Without the proof of such enrolment, we may not be able to offer the relevant courses.

Answer: No. Because you are not eligible for a visa to Australia. You can only visit Australia if you are interested in a conference or join the Doctoral Colloquium as part of the research conference that may be held in Australia organised by Australian Academy of Business Research and/or its partner institution.

Answer: Our courses are already discounted and at an affordable price. However, for any group enrolment, we are open to provide a reasonable discount.

Answer: No, we don’t. We don’t provide any form of support you’d have to rely on your own fund or a sponsorship from your institution.

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This is not an exhaustive list of ‘Frequently Asked Questions’. You can get the answers to many questions by reviewing our policies, such as ‘Course Offering Policy’,  ‘Privacy Policy’, ‘Refund and Return Policy’ and ‘Terms and Conditions’.